Design and animation for a training course that helps USAID staff to understand the gender digital divide


mSTAR programme, implemented by FHI 360 DC on behalf of USAID


December 2016 to April 2017


UX design, Illustration,
2-minute animation

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2-minute animated film, visual design of online course for USAID staff, persona design

Creative partner for Panoply Digital. Visual design of a digital learning course, face-to-face workshop materials, 30-second whiteboard animation, and 2-minute animated film. These products help USAID staff, partners, and stakeholders to consider gender and ICT when designing projects and strategies. Big Blue created all design elements, including bespoke illustrations and female characters for a West African context, as part of a persona-driven storyline using female characters from West and Central Africa and South Asia.

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The FHI 360 Mobile Solutions Technical Assistance and Research (mSTAR) project fosters rapid adoption and scale-up of digital finance, digital inclusion and mobile data in developing countries. mSTAR seeks to increase access to, and use of, mobile and digital technologies by low-income individuals, civil society, local government institutions and private-sector stakeholders.