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Design templates to help 100+ offices report and visualise data

Client: UNICEF Global Innovation Centre, 2017

Presentation deck templates, graphic design, iconography

Ongoing publications to promote the work of UK aid contractors worldwide

Client: Centre for Development Results, UK

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Visual design and animation for a gender digital divide training toolkit for USAID staff

Client: mSTAR programme, implemented by FHI 360 DC

2-minute animated film, visual design of online course for USAID staff, persona design
Creative partner for Panoply Digital. Visual design of a digital learning course, face-to-face workshop materials, 30-second whiteboard animation, and 2-minute animated film. These products help USAID staff, partners, and stakeholders to consider gender and ICT when designing projects and strategies. Big Blue created all design elements, including bespoke illustrations and female characters for a West African context, as part of a persona-driven storyline using female characters from West and Central Africa and South Asia.

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Illustrations for Girl Effect global re-branding

Client: Girl Effect NY, 2017

Creating 100+ digital assets and illustrations for Girl Effect global re-branding exercise. Illustrations depict adolescent girls from six regions worldwide engaging with digital technology. Girl Effect uses mass and social media, technology and girl-centred community engagement to challenge individual and social barriers that hold girls and their communities back.

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A brand to connect female adolescent Bangladeshis with mobile education content

Client: Girl Effect Mobile, 2016

Brand identity, logo design, marketing materials design, audio engineering training
Branded a Girl Effect Mobile project in Bangladesh that offers pre-recorded advice and tutorials to female adolescents on issues such as child labour and child marriage. We conducted market research, helped name the brand ‘Amader Golpo’ (Our Stories), then created the project’s brand identity. The service’s primary users are 500 adolescent Peer Leaders within the NGO BRAC’s Adolescent Development Programme.


Event concept and branding

Client: Nathan, 2017

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Branding for art therapy

Client: Sam Leicester, 2017

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UI/UX Design

Client: Save the Mascots, 2017

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Advocacy support for a flagship DFID Bangladesh programme

Client: DFID Shiree programme


Brand for Tyers Consulting

Client: Tyers Consulting, 2017