We conveyed IMC Worldwide’s pledge to safeguarding through animation

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Recently, IMC Worldwide published an animation Big Blue created for them on their safeguarding commitment and policies. In this post, we briefly explain what safeguarding is, and a little bit about the animation itself.

Safeguarding: a term to describe the act of putting measures in place in a professional organisation that protect the people they work with from any kind of exploitation or harm.

In late 2018, Secretary of State for International Development Penny Mordaunt demanded an overhaul of UK development safeguarding measures worldwide.

UK management consultancy IMC Worldwide is a top-10 DFID supplier responsible for supporting UKaid delivery around the world. That’s why IMC commissioned Big Blue Communications to create a short animation announcing their renewed pledge to safeguarding.

The film summarises IMC’s adoption of the safeguarding framework (Prevention, Reporting and Response), how to report a safeguarding violation, and how that report is then handled.

You can watch the animation here.

How we animated the safeguarding story

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IMC offered Big Blue a unique challenge. We had to communicate the story of safeguarding in a way that did not rely on readily identifiable characters or locations. Rather, IMC wanted to tell this story using simple shapes interacting in an empty space.

In the film, IMC’s personnel are represented as blue dots, and their stakeholders whose welfare they must protect as black dots. In a short series of sequences, the two groups of dots and a supporting cast of symbols interact, explaining different facets of IMC’s approach to safeguarding.

Learn more about safeguarding

You can read up on IMC Worldwide’s safeguarding activity online at imcworldwide.org/Safeguarding. Be sure to follow IMC on Twitter @IMCWorldwide.

You can also follow DFID on Twitter @DFID_UK. Check out one of their most recent Tweets on safeguarding below:

Animation script

IMC has a responsibility to protect the people that we engage with from harm.

We will do everything we can to make sure the people on our programmes do not take advantage of their positions and are respectful in how they interact with others. To help us to do this we use the safeguarding framework of Prevention, Reporting and Response.

We take steps to only employ or contract people who meet our standards of conduct.

The people on our programmes and in our offices are aware of their obligations and the consequences of breaching our standards.

We work with communities and stakeholders to ensure that there is a clear understanding about how our personnel should behave and what they can do if our personnel do not behave in that way.

We have designed simple and accessible methods for reporting any concerns.

This might be reporting to a senior member of the local team, reporting to IMC’s Safeguarding Manager in the UK, or via our Independent Whistleblowing Facility.

We always look after the confidentiality of those making a report.

Our people are trained to receive a report in a safe and secure way. We take every report seriously and make sure that the right people are in place to decide on what to do next.

In each case, the people involved will have particular needs that must be considered. We put the needs of survivors first, and every step is taken to protect those involved.

Safeguarding is an essential part of how we work at IMC.

We are always looking at ways to improve how we work, as well as our safeguarding systems worldwide. If you are a potential partner or client also looking to make a difference, please get in touch.