New animation launched for Centre For Development Results

Development involves many kinds of organisations

When people think of development, they often think of charities and NGOs. But vital support is also delivered by companies, universities, banks, and think tanks.

The Centre for Development Results is a growing London-based association of companies that deliver aid worldwide with the UK government. For a full list of members, check the CDR site.

The CDR showcases its members’ projects, organises events to share lessons, and stimulates debate of development sector issues. Each quarter, for instance, it launches publications covering topics such as women working in international development, and aid delivery in conflict states.

Its goal is to improve impact, value for money and accountability in its members’ work.

London riverfront: A scene from our animation that tells the CDR story.

London riverfront: A scene from our animation that tells the CDR story.

The Centre for Development Results (CDR) is an organisation that supports companies that deliver UK aid funded programmes and have a shared aspiration to improve impact, value for money and accountability in their work. We work to build partnerships with DfID, cross-government funds and other UK aid and development sector stakeholders to raise awareness of the role and impact companies have and to help shape UK development policy.

How we animated the CDR story

Warm, upbeat, energetic, and invitational. That’s the the tone of the story, narration, music, and visuals.

The animation features people from many professional backgrounds each supporting international development in unique ways. Their support encompasses agriculture and industry, health, infrastructure, and aid in emergencies and conflict. That diversity features strongly in the script and visuals.

The CDR also brings organisations together to share knowledge and experiences within London. It regularly hosts events and releases publication to create awareness of development sector issues, so we created a connection between audiences and the city, too.

And as the film is an invitation for companies join the CDR, it finishes with a clear call to action. It was important that we leave audiences with concepts such as debate, discussion, and online search.

Watch the animation, check out the CDR website, read its publications, and join the debate.

Find the CDR online

The CDR network is now expanding to include more members. Visit the CDR website at, or on Twitter @CDR_dev

Animation script

What do you think of when you think of international development? Many people think of NGOs and charities. But it also includes organisations like universities, companies, think tanks and banks. And it includes people like researchers, engineers, and health and education specialists.

Based in London, the Centre for Development Results is a growing association of private sector organisations that support the UK’s international development efforts. They respond to crises and conflicts, and they deliver food, water, shelter and healthcare in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

They build vital infrastructure such as schools and sanitation systems, and they support countries and communities to grow and stand on their own two feet. And they are CDR members because they share a desire to improve the impact of that work.

Here at the CDR, we explore our members’ contributions to international development, and we showcase their life-changing work. We create spaces to exchange lessons. We stimulate debate on how to improve standards in the sector. And overall, our goal is to help the UK government and our members change lives.

And now, we are expanding the CDR network to bring more passionate voices to the discussion. So, what do you think of when you think of international development? We want to know. Find us online, read our publications, and join the discussion. And together, let’s achieve better development results.